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At Custom Feedback Systems, we are committed to providing dynamic products that deliver rich data for our clients. Through our solutions, we can help companies in virtually any industry improve customer interaction and the experience you deliver.

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OSF Outpatient

Saint Francis Medical CenterSaint Francis Medical Center (OSF) is the fourth largest medical center in Illinois. Its Outpatient Ambulatory Care Unit operates over 30 clinics throughout Central Illinois. They offer a broad range of services, including breast imaging, breast biopsy, lab, EKG, x-ray, CT, ultrasound, MRI, rehab, wound center, pain center, bariatric, health fitness/wellness and occupational health. Patient satisfaction is a priority at OSF. It reflects how willing doctors and nurses are to listen, answer questions and explain treatments; how friendly and helpful registration was and whether patients were seen in a timely fashion.



Airline Passenger Feedback

casestudy-airlinefeedbackAs with most businesses in today’s environment, the airline industry is extremely competitive. Passenger travel is a principle activity for many airlines contributing a significant portion of their revenue. One of the larger international Airlines has partnered with Customer Feedback Systems (CFS) to help them achieve the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Airline made finding a way to identify factors to accomplish that goal a top priority.



olam-main-picCase Study Summary from YouTube Video posted July 30, 2012 on company presentation by Jagdish Parihar (OLAM International, LTD) discussing Customer Net Promoter Score (NPS). Jagdish Parihar, Managing Director & Global Head Natural Fibres, presents the development of NPS in a commodity environment, B2B, where price is the sole consideration of the customer. How it has generated superior outcomes on customer loyalty and profitability.



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