Airline Passenger Feedback

Airline Passenger Feedback

Airline Passenger FeedbackThe importance of knowing your customer in a critical business environment

As with most businesses in today’s environment, the airline industry is extremely competitive. Passenger travel is a principle activity for many airlines contributing a significant portion of their revenue. One of the larger international Airlines has partnered with Customer Feedback Systems (CFS) to help them achieve the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Airline made finding a way to identify factors to accomplish that goal a top priority.

Why Customer Feedback Systems

Customer Feedback Systems (CFS) was selected to be a major part of their ‘customer-centric’ initiatives in North America.. In the U.S., CFS worked closely with their Management team to identify the most useful information needed to achieve their goals and designed a customized program to collect passenger feedback.

 After five years, the successful relationship continues. CFS is providing its latest tablet-based Suggestion Box Software and management support that are translating into positive results for the Airline’s customer initiatives throughout North America. Real-time feedback is captured to accurately report how customers perceive their company, services, and staff performance to help them with timely and effective reaction.

 The CFS Suggestion Box Software is compatible with any smart phone, tablet or PC. CFS provides assistance with design, set-up and training. Questions can be modified as needs change and targeted to specific locations and clientele. Customized reports turn data into userfriendly, actionable intelligence to identify trends, uncover problems, and highlight successes. Useful applications may include comparisons by location, season, or product to evaluate performance.

Making Customer Information Meaningful

AirportAt the beginning of the program, the Airline used CFS’Exit Poll Touchpad devices to collect feedback from their passengers. They have now upgraded to using the Passenger Suggestion Box Software. An Airline representative interacts with passengers in their boarding areas and lounges inquiring “How are we doing?”. The passengers have the opportunity to answer targeted questions in a process that takes less than a minute.

This engages the staff and lets passengers know their opinion matters. The data and comments are translated into reports and customer intelligence for all levels of management. Detailed information allows front-line managers to react to needs at their specific locations. They can quickly understand and respond to immediate issues and changing customer views. Weekly and monthly summaries help identify trends and broader issues to drive planning and determine the most effective allocation of investment dollars.

A Client And Customer Friendly Results Program That Translates Into RESULTS

CFS DeviceThe CFS program has many features that have benefitted their Client. They are able to get a high number of responses from their passengers. Low response volume is a well-documented problem with many surveys and the Suggestion Box Software does not rely on ‘after-the-fact’ customer participation. The CFS program is easy to use for both airline staff and their passengers. Passengers appreciate that it involves minimal time, the questions are straightforward, and their voice is heard. Corporate leaders appreciate the value they get with the CFS program.

 With the custom designed program they have the flexibility to determine what questions to ask. They are able to monitor how passengers perceive the company, its employees and the level of service being provided. They can track feedback from both a broad level to individual locations, specific time and detailed issues. This helps with management awareness; determining why scores are what they are. Identifying issues is the first step to change. Having the right information helps management rapidly response to passenger problems and evaluate procedures. It helps determine where to invest in training and allocate resources to have the most substantial impact.

 One example at a specific airport showed where Management was planning to invest in significant changes to the food items offered at the lounge. Reports from CFS showed that the passengers were happy with the current menu. Determining a change was not needed saved the airline both time and money. Assessing the passenger experience provides knowledge to make improvements that lead to more satisfied, loyal passengers. Loyal passengers translate to recommendations and future business.

 In 2012, the Airline saw a 5% increase in their passenger loyalty program from the previous year. The results of working with CFS in the U.S. have been so successful the program is being expanded throughout the Western hemisphere. As the corporation moves forward to adapt and grow in a changing travel industry, Customer Feedback Systems is there to provide the technology and support to capture information that ultimately leads to more profitable results.


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