CHIdesk_250x170_for_Products_page.jpgAs The world of data-collection shifts from pen/paper and desktop to a more mobile enviroment, we are seeing tremendous oppertunties for healthcare systems as well as the patients they serve. These opportunities exist not only in how we collect that patient feedback, but also by creating the ability to send real-time alerts to correct any issues as well as empowering front line with real-time operational intelligence for learning and planning. Powerful analytics also create the transparency required to uncover so that the leadership can jump in and clear the path for the front-line...READ MORE


nurseRounding_for_Products_page.jpgHistorically the Nurse Leader Rounding process has been done with clipboards and pen/paper. Over the last couple of years, some pioneer and innovative health systems have taken that process and automated it on tablets and mobile technology...READ MORE



airport2_on_Products_Page.jpgAs with most businesses in today's enviroment, the airline indsutry is extremely competitive. Passenger travel is a principle activity for many airlines contributing a significant portion of their revenue. One of the largest international airlines has partnered with Customer Feedback Systems(CFS) to help them achieve the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The airline made finding a way to identify factors to accompish that goal a top priority...READ MORE



NET PROMOTER PROGRAMSCFS is very proud to be a Net Promoter Loyalty Partner and has worked closely with Satmetrix (Co-developer of the methodology and system) in the past to adapt Net Promoter Programs for Healthcare , Mobile Device Data-Collection and select opportunities where we feel our experience can add additional value...READ MORE


Napier_LoopImprove clinical, financial, and operational outcomes with our cloud-based referral management platform. Napier Loop is designed to simplify and stregthen collaborative care by streamlining and coordinating the 360º referral management cycle. Napier Loop is an easy to use, intelligent, cloud solution that helps healthcare providers effectively manage their patient referral processes... READ MORE


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