Healthcare Executive Council

Healthcare Executive Council

Reimagine The Patient Experience

Over the last twelve months, we have identified four key challenges that healthcare organizations are facing:

1) Maximizing Relationships with Payers
2) Building Deeper Collaboration with Providers
3) Harnessing the Growing Power of the Patient
4) Executing Successful Patient Experience Strategies

On February 1st the Executive Council met in Miami to discuss and share best practice thought leadership on these topics and more. The founding members of the Healthcare Executive Council (HEC) are all very passionate about the delivery of healthcare and work to give the patient a voice and empower staff every day.

If you’ve created a highly successful patient satisfaction system and are looking for innovative ways to transform the way your entire company views and treats its patients to drive business performance; or if you’re just beginning and looking for best practices to accelerate your success, as an industry leader, we’d like to invite you to join the Healthcare Executive Council (HEC) to hone your expertise even further.

Please fill in and submit your contact details using the HEC form on the right to receive more details on how you can join the Healthcare Executive Council (HEC).

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HEC Members:

Vinod P Chanrai

Jaslok Hospital

Phil Fegan

Vice President of Information Systems
Healthcare Partners of Nevada

Kevin Gwin

Lead Champion for Patient Experience
Ardent Health Service

Matt Hazen

Operations Leader Service Excellence
Alegent Creighton Health

Gautam R Mahtani

Loyalty StrategistTM
and Co-Founder

Customer Feedback Systems LP

Daniel Moreland

Customer Feedback Systems LP

John Morris

PHX West at Premier Healthcare Exchange

Richard Owen

President & Chief Executive Officer

Eric V Trappen

Seasoned Executive & Entrepreneur
Perspicacity Group

James Turner

Director of Business Development
Physician's Capital Investment

Jason Wolf

Beryl Institute


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