Rewarding Complaints

 There are two obvious drivers to success here:

1. Taking the necessary actions to drive patient participation and response rates so that we have trustworthy data.

2. Taking the necessary action to improve the patient experience.

Both are equally important and feed off each other in continuous loops.

As stated by Chris McChesney and his associates in The Four Disciplines of Execution, “the challenge is not just executing a strategy successfully, the challenge is in executing a strategy successfully in the midst of a 150 mile per hour whirlwind (which is all the work that it takes just to maintain the organization before we start throwing in strategies, goals and initiatives).”

For any organizational leader who has not read ‘The Four Disciplines of Execution’, it is one of the definitive books on execution along with Ram Charan’s ‘Execution’ and Robin Speculand’s ‘Bricks To Bridges’.

It was only after we tried the Four Disciplines (or 4DX as it’s now known) within our own organizations and saw it’s power did we then begin recommending the book as well as Chris McChesney’s speaking events to the organizations that we work with. More info at

What Chris highlights in a brilliant video on YouTube titled FranklinCovey Execution Video Preview: Whirlwind is that organizations who execute well do four things very consistently:

1) Everybody on the team actually knows the goal.
2) Team members know what they need to do to achieve the goal.
3) They keep score in a simple and visible way.
4) And they are held accountable by the peers (as peer accountability can be more impactful).

The organizations who we have the privilege of working with including The Mayo Clinic, Alegent Creighton and Lancaster General have deployed these techniques specifically around the patient experience and have developed some insight.

We have found that there are two things you need on the ground to have effective Impact MeetingsTM and create positive change: the authority to get people there and the credibility to keep them coming back.

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