Rewarding Complaints

Closing the loop is all about getting back to patients who have taken the time to give you feedback and it happens in a couple different ways:

1. The first is to conduct immediate service recovery when a patient expresses dissatisfaction. This is about deploying proactive listening posts and implementing the internal process so that right action owner within the organization is informed and can correct that issue and let that patient know that they have been heard.

2. The second is more of a broad-based communication campaign back to all patients that basically says this is what you told us, this is what we are doing about it, we are committed to serving you, and please take 45 seconds and let us know how we did today”. This can take the form of signage in your hospitals/clinics or on your website if that is a place that your patients visit. Ideally a blended approach works best.



This is ultimately about continuous improvement and the transparency around that continuous improvement. And this is where the notion that ‘communication is a process not one time event’ comes full circle and drives the energy required back into your high velocity patient feedback loop.

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