Rewarding Complaints

We have actually never seen a patient experience initiative work that didn’t have an involved leadership team. We have, however, seen plenty fall short when the program was handed off too early. There are four keys areas of leadership involvement when deploying high velocity feedback loops around the patient experience: 

  1. Encouraging Staff to engage 100% of patients to give feedback by making them comfortable to do so. If staff don’t believe that this is their tool, they will reject it. Initiatives need to be taken to ensure staff understand the intrinsic value of the tool in driving patient experience improvement and that it isn’t meant to be a policing tool. 
  1. Looking at Weekly Reports and taking part in Impact Meetings every week. If you don’t, they won’t either. You can start to build accountability through these Impact Meetings where a rhythm is built into your business every two weeks where teams come together 20 minutes or less and do something meaningful with the information. 
  1. Working with Managers and Front-Line Staff on a monthly and quarterly basis to uncover and correct systemic issues/recurring themes. Front-line teams stay motivated when they have a line of sight from their work to its impact on the organization and they can’t do that on their own. This can also be a good place to set realistic and meaningful goals while constantly keeping track over progress made. 
  1. Communicating improvement campaigns back to patients so that they feel heard and continue to give feedback. This builds a very powerful ongoing dialogue with patients and the more they start to see you are serious in taking action on the feedback provided, the more quality feedback you can hope to get over time.

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