Rewarding Complaints

The primary reason that patients and customers do not give feedback is that traditional collection mechanisms are inconvenient and time-consuming. The real idea here is to find out how your patients want to communicate with you and deploy quick and easy listening posts for them to do so very soon after they’ve had their experience.

Many customer feedback and survey methods fall to live up to expectations, do more harm than good or deliver the results that a business wants because they are designed from a business’ perspective and not from a customer’s. Have you ever been passed a printed feedback form with a couple of dozen questions on it and asked to take your time in filling it up? What was your response?



Most customers aren’t willing to spend more than a minute or two in giving feedback. While there may be exceptions depending on the type of customer and business, the challenge can be to figure out the optimum time to gather feedback and ensure that the actual collection can be completed in less than 60 seconds.

What we have learnt is when this is done correctly; you can see as much as 60% of your patients giving you feedback on an ongoing basis. And just to be clear that’s not 60% of a 10% sample, that’s 60% of patient visits. Once patients start to understand that you’ve made the process quick and easy for them, most would welcome the opportunity to share their experience with you.

The reason we, as an organization, are so focused on patient response rates is twofold:

This type of census approach to gathering feedback will provide you with the level of trustworthy data that you need in order make positive and impactful decisions around your operation. Typically when response rates are low, staff and providers are less likely to take the feedback received seriously.

Plus, a patient’s willingness to give feedback is an indicator that they are vested in the relationship with you and believe that you are listening.

NOTE: By deploying the right combination of leadership mindset combined with mobile data-collection technology, we have seen hospitals increase their Rounding numbers on the Inpatient side by more than 130%.

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