Rewarding Complaints

Too often question design on feedback forms becomes a “design by committee” process with too many questions that very few people take the time to complete.

There are two primary criteria to note in question design for high velocity feedback loops:

Only ask about service experience aspects that are important to patients. This a process that requires the right type of correlation analytics in order to uncover the key drivers.

In most cases, only ask about things that are actually in the staff’s control (and ensure that the right action owners for correcting these issues are involved in the process).



Communication is a key driver of overall patient satisfaction. Many organizations we work with use AIDET from the Studer Group as an effective process for communication.

As an organization, we started out with a real passion to give the patient a voice while still being respectful of their time, but what we quickly learned is that we don’t respect the time of your incredibly busy staff to something with that information then we are just drowning them in data.

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